About 古韻堂

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고운당(古韻堂)은 지은지 80년된 고택으로 넓은 흙마당이 있는 단아한 한옥입니다.
대로변에서 찾기 쉬운 곳에 위치해 있으며, 관광객들이 실제로 느끼는 한옥의 불편함을 해소하고자 방한, 방음문제를 개선하였습니다.

총 8개의 방 중 6개 방에 화장실과 샤워시설을 구비하였고, 1인실 한개와 2인실 한개에는 침대를 갖추었습니다. 특히 모든 방 실내벽 한 면을 편백나무로 시공하여 고객의 건강을 도모하였습니다.
식당에는 TV, 컴퓨터(wife 이용가능), 정수기, 커피 등이 비치되어 보다 편리하게 고운당을 이용하실 수 있습니다.
무엇보다도 고운당의 가장 큰 자랑인 아침식사는 전통한식으로 제공해드리며, 영어, 중국어, 일본어 소통이 가능하므로 안심하시고 예약하시기 바랍니다.

Go Woon Dang(古韻堂) is a elegant Korean traditional house with a front yard which was built in 80 years ago. Go Woon Dang is located nearby the main big road(Jahamun-ro) so that guests can easily find Go Woon Dang.

In order to provide more comfortable stay to guests, we minimize the inconveniences of Korean old traditional house such as soundproof among rooms and protection from cold during winter time. Additionally, private toilets are equipped in 6 rooms out of 8 rooms and Western style mattress is also available at 2 rooms (one at Fortune and another at Jade) for those who are hard to sleep on Korean style hard mattress.
Another specialty of Go Woon Dang is that one side of the walls at each room is made of Cypress tree, which is famous as“Pythoncide”. The component "Pythoncide” helps mind and body rest so that you can feel the good effects while you stay at Go Woon Dang. At a dining room, table, TV, computer (wifi is available as well), purified water machine, and coffee are all equipped for guests. We serve Korean style breakfast, one of our best features, every morning so that you can experience variety of Korean food culture. Since the host can speak English, Chinese, and Japanese, you can easily ask him about anything life at Go Woon Dang. Thank you for choosing Go Woon Dang. We always welcome you!

古韵堂是一座有80年历史的古宅,院落是如今难得一见的泥土风格, 古典雅致。位置位于主干道旁, 容易寻找, 同时 ,为了减少外国游客在韩屋生活过程中的不便, 在防寒, 隔音等问题上特别进行了改善。
共8个房间中, 6个带有卫生间及洗浴设施, 单人间和双人间均有床位, 特别是室内墙面, 考虑到顾客的健康, 采用天然的扁柏木。

餐厅里配备了电视, 电脑(有无线网络,wifi), 净水器, 咖啡等, 为大家提供最大的方便。
古韵堂与其他韩屋相比, 最大的特点是提供韩式传统早餐, 且汉语, 英语, 日语三种语言无障碍沟通, 顾客可以放心预订。

大通りから分かりやすい場所に位置し、観光客が感じるハノクの不便なことを解消するため、防寒や防音など全面的にリノベーションしました。 客室8室のうち6室は韓国式布団と専用トイレとシャワーを備え、2室はシングルベッド、ツインベッドを用意してあります。

食堂ではテレビ、パソコン、無料Wi-Fi、浄水器、コーヒーなどを提供しており、よ り便利に楽しめ、何よりゴウンダンのもっとも誇られる朝食は、 伝統韓食で提供されます。